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How Can Organic Tea Help You?

Frequently Asked Questions


In today's modern world we face many challenges. One thing we all have in common is the desire to be healthy physically and mentally.  Surprisingly many of the toxins we face don't just present a problem to our bodies, but to our minds as well. With organic tea, tea that is free from toxins and pesticides You are giving your body and mind a protective force that can help improve your immune system, detox heavy metals, and give you peace of mind. 

What benefits do Organic Teas provide?
Hippocrateas tea blends are created with organic nonGMO herbs and plants that contribute to both your mental and physical well being. Some of the benefits include: Strengthen immune system, Cleanse and Detoxify, Relieve Heartburn and digestive ailments, Ward off cancer cells, Clear your skin, strengthen, detoxify, and reboot your adrenal glands, balance your hormones, reduce pain and inflammation, relieve headaches, improve your sleep, improve your mental clarity,  
Do you have to stop drinking coffee?

No. You don't have to stop or change anything you do. Just by adding Hippocrateas to your day you will be making great advances in your health. Most of us here still enjoy coffee and espresso as well as tea!






How many cups of tea do I need to drink?

That's up to you. We recommend a pot of tea of day (3-4 cups). Our teas all work together, so some people like to drink one tea while others make one kind in the morning, another in the afternoon, another at night. 

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Why is organic tea better than other tea?

Organic tea is made from plants that have been grown biodynamically (organically), without the use of pesticides or toxic fertilizer, or genetic modification. We have found through our studies that organically grown foods are more nutritious, nontoxic and result in healthier outcomes for those who consume them. 


What is wrong with GMOs, and are they in teas?

GMOS have been found to cause many health problems from food allergies, stomach and digestive diseases, pain and inflammation as well as premature aging internally. At Hippocrtaeas we are very concerned about GMOS in the food supply as well as in personal care products. We are proud to be GMO free. Other companies, many popular ones do contain GMOs. In the United States currently food manufacturers are not required to label or declare GMO ingredients. 


How do you make Loose Leaf Tea?
Making tea takes four easy steps:   Heat water, measure and place loose tea in a cup or pot, pour hot water over tea, steeping 5-10 mins. 
1. Heat the water: we prefer spring or filtered water without any chlorine, fluoride, or chemicals)
2. Measure tea: For 1 cup use a heaping teaspoon, To make 1 pot (3 cups) use a heaping Tablespoon. Next place looseleaf tea into a tea ball or mesh bag, or loose* into a tea pot, glass or stainless steel brewing container. We like French Presses, Mason Jars, even a stainless steel or copper Kettle. Don't use teflon coated kettles though or plastic. *you will need a strainer to strain the herbs as you pour the tea into your cups
3. When the water is hot (near boiling but not) pour it over the herbs.
4. Let steep 5-15 minutes. The longer the tea steeps the greater flavor and benefits it will pull from the herbs.  Note: traditional teas steep 2-3 minutes.
That's it!   Now you can pour into cups and enjoy. Add honey if you like (we recommend raw local honey




What is the Organic Reboot?
The Organic Reboot is a fun and easy way to get your health on track! The Reboot Pack contains 5 teas, Deep Green, Kings Tea, Happy Stomach, Lemon Balm and Gold Tea. Comes with tea making directions as well as tea drinking schedule for optimum results. 


Are Herbal Teas Safe?

All of our teas are made with herbs and plants grown biodynamically (organically) without any genetic alteration.  This is absolutely the most natural, safest and least toxic way to grow plants. All of our teas are designed to be safe and beneficial to consume made with plants that have been consumed safely in herbal tea formulations for centuries. Tried and true. We never add anything that could be harmful, questionable, or unfit for human consumption. If you are on medication, pregnant, or under a doctor's care, please consult with your physician.  


Does Hippocrateas use sustainable materials?

We are dedicated and commited to using the most earth friendly non-toxic materials available through all methods from herb gathering and recipe creation through delivery of the finished tea product.   All materials used are from sustainable sources that are biodegradable, recyclable, compostable, non-toxic and friendly to all.  All of our raw plant material is sourced from certified organic biodynamic nonGMO and local family farms. We hope to have our own biodynamic herbal farm near Chicago soon!

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