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Organic paw wash, Oscar Hippocrateas mascot
Good for: 
  • Paws
  • Hands
  • Shoes
  • Feet
  • Floors



for Pets

and Shoes!


clean feet

In memory of Oscar, the urban dog who inspired Perty Paws.


Perty Paws pretty please!

Perty Paws
Perty Paws pretty please
Oscar in the bathtub
Perty Paws & Oscar
Perty Paws
prevents your pet from ingesting undesirable chemicals, germs, and parasites
Perty Paws Paw Wash

The original Herbal Paw Wash

Keep dirt, germs, and lawn chemicals out of your home

 Perty Paws 


Perty Paws helps remove all these undesirables from your pets' paws before they lick and ingest them: 

  • lawn chemicals 

  • pesticide residues

  • dirt and mud

  • germs & bacteria

  • bugs and parasites

Oscar with Perty Paws
Keep your floors and furniture clean and fresh.
Bye bye dirty,
Hello Perty!!

Hand + Paw Wash

Safe and Nontoxic

From dirty to Perty!


Safe for hands and paws, feet and shoes! Your pets love to go outside but you don't like to keep washing the floor and furniture. Keep your pet's paws clean and fresh naturally with our extraordinary paw wash made with organic herbs and minerals.

Clean paws = Clean house



Pets like to lick their paws, Perty Paws helps them not ingest things that can make them sick.
Oscar with Perty Paws


  • Safe as a hand sanitizer and paw wash for your pets

  • Completely nontoxic

  • Keeps dirt, germs and lawn chemicals from being traipsed through your home

  • Natural antibacterial product safe for dogs, animals, and people

  • Gently removes and deters bugs, parasites, germs and dirt

  • Prevents your pets from ingesting nasty things while grooming themselves

  • Spray on pets' legs and body before going outside to deter bugs and bites

  • Made with minerals and herbs known to nourish pets and reduce inflammation

  • Reduces indoor toxins, improving indoor air quality

  • Contains zero alcohol, zero triclosan, zero pesticides, zero toxins, zero VOCs

  • Safe for paws and fur, feet and hands, shoes and floors, people and pets

  • Pleasant scent from natural oils and herbs

  • Nothing artificial or unsafe added

  • Easy and quick to use, no mess, no fuss

  • 7% of proceeds donated to protect bees, people & all animals from pesticides and toxins 

  • The world's one and only all organic herbal paw wash, pets like clean feet too:)


Many Uses

  • Hand Sanitizer: Safe and nontoxic, the perfect natural way to keep hands clean

  • Paw Cleaner: Nontoxic cleanser and sanitizer for paws, hands or bare feet

  • Bug Away: Mist on your dog before going outdoors to deter bug bites and flies

  • Dog Bed: Mist on your dog's bed to deter bugs and keep it fresh

  • Shoes: Wash off the bottom of your shoes

  • Floors: Easy, nontoxic, effective floor cleaner, use straight or dilute

  • Paw Soak: Excellent Paw Soak, add warm water

  • Travel: the 4 oz bottle is a flip cap, easy when traveling 



  • For hand sanitizer, Spray directly on hands and rub together, dries quickly.

  • For pets, Can be used with a towel, rag or with the paw mitt.

  • Spray on towel before wiping down paws or spray directly on paws and wipe off. 

  • Alternately, spray on a towel or matt for your dogs to walk across

Ingredients 100% Goodness!

Perty Paws contains all organic food grade ingredients including alfalfa, burdock root,

dandelion root, red clover, lavender blossoms, iodine, MSM, diatomaceous earth, clove

oil, bay leaf, oregano, cinnamon, apple cider vinegar, epsom salts, magnesium citrate,

vegetable glycerine and purified water.  Available in 4 oz squeeze bottle, 8 oz. spray

bottle, or 16 oz. trigger bottle.


Patent pending

Wholesale pricing and bulk discounts available. 

Contact us today for pricing,

or call (312) 714-5244.


 Perty Paws 






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