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Zen Matcha

Zen Matcha

Delicious Matcha has arrived!  We have partnered with Zen Matcha, the original North American distributor to bring you these exquisite products in 30g tins.  Three different grades of Matcha are available, plus a fourth grade for baking is also available. Please contact us for info, mimimum order may be required.

Shogun: an organic from Kyoto. Very sweet, the highest grade that we feel can sell in North America at this time. Great with water (please, no hotter than 140 degrees to retain the amino acids). We offer this in 30 gram tins only.

Premium: just as it sounds, this is a very high grade, sweet, works well with water only. We sell this in a 30g tin and a 100g foil bag.

Artisan’s Blend; formerly known as “Drinking Grade”. This is what I drink every morning in a latte. Not bitter, but definitely has a hint of grassy/seaweed taste to it, which is minimized by mixing with hemp/coconut/almond/ or rice milk. This, in my opinion, is the best bang for the buck if one is using anything other than water.

The higher the grade, the more refined and sweeter the flavor. Personally, I have found that the higher grades are not the best pairing when used for cooking or for strongly flavored latte’s.
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